Brightway Communications is an initiative of independent Cable TV Operators in Telangana under the guidance of Cable Operators Association ( COA). COA is an umbrella union of local cable operators all over Telangana.

It is a conglomeration of more than 4000 independent cable networks functioning all over Telangana its main objective is to develop Cable TV Industry of Telangana by means of building wider networks, upgrading technology, finding new avenues of activity etc apart from addressing various issues and challenges before the industry for and on behalf of its members

There is already a cumulative investment of Rs.500 Crore in Cable TV industry in the form of equipments, networking, studios and other infrastructure owned by individual cable TV operators all over Telangana with a consolidated turnover of Rs.250 Crores per annum.

The Company is headed by a Board of Directors consisting of well experienced professionals from the industry. For its first project – Brightway Vision Channel – Brightway raised a Share capital of Rs.1.5 Crores in 2015. The channel is on air from April 2006 and covers 20 lakh homes in Telangana. Now its share capital is enhanced to Rs.10 Crore with the approval of Registrar of Companies, SEBI and other Govt. Authorities. The capital outlay for the Second major project is Rs.8.5 Crores, 50 per cent of which has already been raised from the existing Share Holders.